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Frequent Questions
Frequent Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions. We hope these answers help you. Anyway we will always be here if you want to call us or send us an email.
I realized an order and right after I entered in the product page it is not available anymore?
When you place an order in our shop, the items you bought automatically get out of stock and are reserved for you. For this reason, the product you purchased may become unavailable when it´s the last item in stock.
I received the email Order Shipped but the tracking code does not work?
Keep calm. We ship super fast but the postal tracking code can take up to two business days to work. Please try again the next day. But if it´s taking more than two days please contact us by email or phone.
My exchange code is not working. What to do?
First make sure you are typing the complete code in the shopping cart at the coupon field. Including the word TROCA at the beginning of the code. For example: TROCA3232323.

If the code still does not work it can be that it has already been used or has expired. In this case, contact us so we can give you more information.
Can I view the stock in stores?
Yes. Now you can also see the stock available in physical stores. To do this simply click on the product you want to view and then click on the link: check stock in stores.

If you want to reserv the product you can call us or send an email with the product code and product size. Thus you ensure that the product will be reserved for you when you pull on one of our physical stores.

How do I update my order info?
If you want to update any data in the application as the address number, for example, please contact us by email or phone and let us know the number of your order.

If you want to change any product or size in your order,  you must place a new order.
I placed an order but I did not pay right away. How can I make the payment for this order?
When you place an order in the store, the items are reserved for you and is not necessary to place a new order to make the payment. Just click the link that we sent in your email and follow the payment steps. If you do not locate the email, please check the spam folder of your email. You can also access your order by logging into your account at the store.
Contact Us
Contact Us

Customer Service and Store

How to Buy
How to Buy

Do you have prompt delivery?

Yes. For quantities available in stock, we deliver between 5-10 business days (EXPRESS) or 10-30 business days (ECONOMIC) after confirmation of payment. The delivery time depends on your country and is automatically calculated at your shopping cart.

Is it safe to buy online?

Yes. Payments are made ​​through PAYPAL plataform. Your information is safe and secure. Payments on the card go through an anti-fraud analysis to protect the store and the customer.

Is there a difference between the color in the photo and the original color?

The website photos are for illustrative purposes and variations to the original color may occur. In printed models, due to the positioning of the cut in different parts of the fabric, the corresponding part of the pattern may not be exactly like in the photo.

Dani Banani sells wholesale?

We do not have wholesale. We sell only at retail for the final customer.

How can I get the Dani Banani products?

Products can be purchased through our online store www.danibanani.com.br or in our physical stores. We do not sell on other sites or social networks.

How can I stay updated with releases?

We bring new products every day. To be updated you can enjoy our official fan page on facebook , follow our instagram and also make your register on the site to receive promotions and news.



What forms of payment are accepted for international payments?


- Credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Diners, American Express and other.

How long does my payment confirm?

- Payments on credit cards are usually confirmed within 1 business day.

Tips to ensure the fast delivery of your order.

- Payments by credit card: at the payment screen properly inform all data on the credit card. If any data is incorrect payment may go through an analysis of up to 48 hours, which may increase the delivery time of your order.


How do I track my order?

Once the order is shipped you will receive a tracking code to track the location of your order directly through the post office website. The code is available for tracking in the next business day the order is posted.

How long does it take to get my order?

That depends on which country and city you are buying and what was the chosen shipping method. The EXPRESS is a faster way to send and arrive between 5-10 business days. The ECONOMIC method takes between 10-30 business days. The delivery time for your country can be calculated at your shopping cart after entering your country and zip code. If your order is approved after 2pm (São Paulo/Brazil time) consider the count as start in the next nusiness day. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered in the calculation of bussines days. Orders made ​​and approved at the weekend will be posted on Monday.

When my order will be posted?

Orders confirmed before 2pm (Monday to Friday - São Paulo/Brazil time) follow in the same day. Orders confirmed after 2pm follow in the next business day. Once the order is shipped you will receive a tracking code to track the location of your order directly through the post office website. The code is available for tracking in the next business day. You will receive this code by email and you can also access it on your client area on the site.

How does the free shipping work?

For purchases above R$ 300,00 the shipping is free only for adresses in Brazil. The promotion of free shipping is valid for a limited time and may change or be disabled at any time, without notice.

My order has not arrived, what do I do?

The couriers make three delivery attempts on the recipients address on consecutive days. If you do not have anyone on site to receive, the order will be returned to the senders address. If your order is delayed, please contact the store so we can check with the post office the reason for the delay. All our orders are shipped with insurance if your application has been lost, please contact us so we can check. For the delivery to be done correctly, it is necessary that the customer fill out the shipping address correctly. If the pack return to us for incorrect or insufficient address, the client will have to pay the shipping again.



Procedures for carrying out the exchange:

1) The request for change should be made ​​by email (atendimento@danibanani.com.br) or by phone +55 11 2291-2875, or WhatsApp +55 11 96420-8979, no later than 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the request.

2) After requesting the exchange and receive authorization, the products must be sent to the address of the Exchanges Sector below. Expenses with the shipping costs are payed by the customer.


Rua Azevedo Soares, 1340, Tatuapé

Sao Paulo - SP - Brasil


3) In all cases of return, the products must be returned to the store with:

- In the original packaging

- With all tags (composition, size, tags affixed to the product)

- With no hint of use, smelly, malfunction or damage.

- With no hint of washing, or changes made ​​in part by the customer, such as adjustments, hems, seams, among others.

We kindly ask you to analyze well the product before sending for exchange. Our analysis is extremely accurate and if the product is not intact, the exchange will not be performed. In this case, the product will be in store awaiting removal or send back to the client upon payment of the freight.

Important: We do not exchange white pieces (or whites). For the safety of our customers, we do not accept exchange or return of underwear such as panties, body or socks.

Packs received by the exchange sector without notice of exchange authorization will be automatically returned to the sender under the same conditions or will be in our address awaiting removal.

4) Once you get the box to return, our quality department will check whether the products are in perfect condition and so complete the analysis, the customer will be notified by email or by phone about your return. The procedure may take 1-5 business days after receipt of the box. After the exchange is authorized, a code with the value of the products approved will be emailed and customers can place an exchange order at the store. In this way, the client can choose other products and use the value of your exchange as a discount. The discount code is used in the shopping cart in the Exchange Code. The client will have on average 30 days to choose other products (if the customer wants to extend the trading deadline, simply ask the stores service by email or phone).

If the customer wants, they can personally bring the products to one of our physical stores and leave them for analysis. After analysis, the exchange code is emailed and customers can make the purchase-exchange at the online store.

Exchange in case of manufacturing defect

In case of manufacturing defect, the exchange must be requested by email or phone.

In this case, we will request the details of the defect and product photos so we can do a pre analysis of the defect and thus pass the links to the Exchange. Depending on the defect, the exchange will be made ​​directly with the manufacturer, which will contact you and pass the necessary information and instructions for return.

The store default performs the exchange only in cases where the defect was observed before use. If the defect is noticed after use or after 7 days of receipt, the exchange must be requested directly to the manufacturer. Misuse of the product or improper washing does not characterize manufacturing defect, see washing instructions on the product label.

If a manufacturing defect is found, the customer will be reimbursed for the product shipping freight to the store or manufacturer. To be reimbursed you must ship the product by the post office ECONOMIC method. Other ways of shipping will not be refunded.

Important: The exchange will not be accepted if:

- The defect reported by the customer was not found.

- The product is unattended invoice, packaging, accessories and all the original labels.

- There is inadequate evidence of use of the product.

- Any accidental damage clue, smelly or stains.

- Is found normal wear due to use.

In these cases the above products will be returned to the client under the same conditions or will stay at the store for removal.


We do not accept returns for international orders. Please read the exchange policies if you want to return the product and exchange for another item.

Objects received by the exchange sector / devlução without notice and return authorization will be automatically returned to the sender under the same conditions or will be in our address awaiting removal.


Rua Azevedo Soares, 1340, Tatuapé

Sao Paulo - SP - Brasil


How to wash your products
How to wash your products

Tips to conserve your clothes

Delicate items require certain care in washing. Always check the instructions and watch up the symbols on the manufacturers label. Here are some general tips to help conserve your clothes:

- Wash by hand with mild soap

- If machine wash use low temperatures

- Do not use bleach, chlorine or washing powder

- Do not use too much softener

- Do not dry clean

- Not left to soak

- Products with bright colors and neon should not be left to soak

- Dry immediately after washing

- Do not use dryer machine

- Do not use iron

Extra care with neon or fluorescent color clothes

Tissues in these colors tend to drop pigments into the water. Thus, we should not wash with other parts even colored. When drying also should not let the water run to other parts of the piece as it may stain.

By following these tips you will be washing your clothes correctly. Recalling that problems caused during washing are not responsibility of the store. If you have questions about washing and drying a specific product please contact us or if you prefer directly with the manufacturer.

If you experience problems after washing, please contact the product manufacturer for further information.



Dani Banani gets information from users via registration. Our privacy policy aims to ensure the assurance that any information regarding users will not be provided, published or marketed in any circumstances.

All personal information provided to our website are stored in a secure database and restricted access to some authorized ostaff, who are obliged by contract to keep the information confidential and not use them inappropriately.

Ensure your privacy is another of our commitment to you!

Fit Points
Fit Points


How does the discount points program work?

Every purchase made ​​at the virtual store or physical stores, customers accumulate points in the purchase price that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

- Example: on a purchase of $ 100.00 the customer accumulates 100 points.

- Every 100 points earned equivalent to $ 2.50.

- Points can be redeemed automatically in the shopping cart and are available when the client is logged into the store.

- Purchases on which are used discount points also accumulate points.

- Points have 1 year of validity and can be used at any time.

- It is not possible to use points in Exchange orders.

- The points program may have changes in the Regulation at any time.

About Us
About Us

Founded in mid-2012 Dani Banani emerged in the retail market with the ideal of bringing together the best brands of Fashion Fitness. With great dedication, work and love, we have gained recognition and prominence in the national and international scene, with immense pride for pioneering in the field.

Dani Banani was created to women who love to dress well and with style in and outside the gym. We provide all the last news in fitness fashion market, valuing first for quality, comfort, beauty and good taste in all products selected.

We aim to excellence in providing our services, always working with Agility, Sympathy and efficiency, so that our guests feel as our family members and take part in our history.

Be beautiful, be Fitness, br Dani Banani.

Come and meet us!

Customer Service

Email: atendimento@danibanani.com.br

Phone.: (11) 2291-2875

Segunda a Sábado das 10h as 18h

WhatsApp: (11) 96420-8979

Segunda a Sábado das 10h as 18h

LOJA Tatuapé: Rua Azevedo Soares, 1340 - Tatuapé - São Paulo/SP - Segunda a Sexta das 9h as 19h - Sábado das 10h as 18h - Local Map

LOJA Jardins: Alameda Lorena, 1974 - Jardim Paulista - São Paulo/SP - Segunda a Sexta das 10h as 19h - Sábado das 10h as 18h - Local Map

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